November 2019 - Online Marketing and SEO Company in Houston, Texas

How to Optimize Your ROI on Facebook

Photo by @bugwugsmom via Twenty20 What is ROI? Are your Facebook ads working the way you expected them to? Were you hoping for a better return than what you’ve seen? If you want to improve your return on investment on your Facebook ads, you need to make sure you are reaching your target market. Let’s have a look at how you can optimize your Facebook ads and increase your…


How You Can Have an Awesome Marketing Campaign

Photo by @criene via Twenty20 Everyone is busily putting together their marketing campaign, but many without even a little understanding of what they need to be accomplished. So let’s look at how you can have an awesome campaign and really enjoy the benefits. #1 Be Genuine Did you know that you can turn your landing page for your campaign into a social hub? If you want to see an…