The plan to start your social media promotion and make your company known

Create an audience that keeps you connected to your brand
A good part of the business is adapting to current world trends. One of those trends that have gained momentum over the years is the use of social media. Social networks have gone beyond a simple trend given their proven power over time. A business that does not take advantage of social media marketing will miss out on reaching a target audience that it has not reached before. Losing this scope can mean losing growth in the market. With our Lite plan, you can start an effective campaign on Facebook and Instagram and get closer and closer to those potential customers you need.

What type of business is good for
The Lite plan is appropriate if you are starting out in the process of having a digital presence. This plan is the first step in building a consistent digital marketing platform. It consists of two basic networks; Facebook and Instagram

What can I expect with the Lite plan
-Start your Facebook and Instagram business page
-Get new Likes and Followers
-3 weekly posts on Facebook and Instagram
-Ads and animations specially designed for your business
-Promotion of your website on Facebook driving more traffic
-Posting on various Facebook groups

* The Lite plan is a first step to build your On-Line presence that will allow reaching many people to know your products and services. If you want to get more conversions in sales, we recommend you consider the other plans.

Strengthen your relationship with your followers and potential clients through Facebook and Instagram.