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What kind of business is it good for?
The Premium package is ideal for businesses that have prior knowledge in managing digital marketing and those interested in investing budget towards paid promotions, also known as Pay per Click. Furthermore, it’s fitting for companies whose website already has some ranking on Google and aims for higher top placements. Differing from other plans, the Premium package provides supervision and management of paid campaigns like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

What can I expect with the Premium plan?
-Google Adwords and Facebook Ads management
-Facebook and Instagram daily posting
-Constant presence on social media
-New likes and followers
-Ads and motion graphics specially designed for your business
-More  traffic to your website through social media
-Publications on Facebook groups
-2 monthly blogs
-Website Optimization
-Top organic ranking in Google
-Website maintenance that includes creation of new pages and general improvements
-Google Analytics monitoring
-New keywords and phrase search every month.
–Corporate videos for YouTube, optimized for Google ranking
-Google My Profile page management

With the Premium plan, you can rest assured that your conversions will be boosted through Google Adwords and improved organic ranking on Google. Additionally, this visually striking plan provides a greater number of videos, ads, and blogs per month, helping to enhance your online presence.


$500 a Month

Videos with avatars
Stories and Reels with Friendly 3D Characters
Slides Animations
Ads for Instagram

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