The Plan That Guarantees you Google Top Positions and Conversions!

digital marketing packages for small business in Houston

What kind of business is it good for?
The Premium plan is suitable for companies with previous experience in online marketing management, and companies that want to invest in paid campaigns or also called Pay per Click. In addition, companies whose website has some ranking in Google, and are looking to achieve more top positions. Unlike the other plans, the Premium plan offers the management of paid campaigns such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

What can I expect with the Premium plan?
-Google Adwords management
-Facebook and Instagram Ads Management
-Constant presence on social media
-New likes and followers
-Daily publications
-Ads and motion graphics specially designed for your business
-More  traffic to your website through social media
-Publication on Facebook groups
-2 monthly blogs
-Website Optimization
-Website maintenance that includes the creation of new pages and general improvements
-Google Analytics monitoring
-New keyword searches every month.
–1 corporate video for YouTube, optimized for Google ranking
-Google My Profile page management

* The Premium plan guarantees conversions through Google Adwords and organic ranking in Google supported by social media. This fantastic plan offers videos and more blogs per month increasing your online presence. For better results, we recommend investing a minimum of $ 400 in Google Adwords and $ 200 in Facebook Ads.


$500 a Month

This plan is recommended for your business if:
You have promoted your company through social media before
You have a website for more than one year
Your website already has ranking in google
You have a Google My Business page for more than 1 year
You are willing to pay additional campaigns for PPC (Pay Per Click) to Google or Facebook
You have tried different advertising media in the past such as print, direct mail, newspapers, among others
Your company has a good number of loyal customers and also receives referrals from time to time.
You want to reach a market segment that you haven’t explored before
You want to improve your marketing and online presence in a professional way.


digital marketing packages for small business in Houston



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digital marketing packages for small business in Houston


digital marketing packages for small business in Houston


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