Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Web Design with Artificial Intelligence

Photo by Alex Knight On Pexels License CC0 Artificial Intelligence is the future of web design. It’s already here and it’s getting a lot better all the time. From automated website editing to predictive search, AI has made our lives as designers easier and more enjoyable. Let’s explore what that might mean for the field of web design in the future. What is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is a…

hosting service

How much does hosting cost per year?

Every website requires web hosting to be online. Understanding the expense of hosting your website is necessary to make an informed acquisition choice. Below we will explain the various hosting rates, from around $2-$ 15/month with shared hosting to $80-$ 500/month with specialized hosting. We’ll share the average cost of five of one of the most prominent hosting kinds. Complete Website Hosting Costs in detail How much does it…


How to choose a domain name for your business

First of all, we must define what a Domain Name is. The “Domain Name” is a unique name that identifies a website on the internet, followed by an extension such as .com, .net, .org, etc. The purpose of the “Domain Name” (DNS) is to translate the “IP” (Internet Protocol) addresses of each active node on the internet. In order not to get too technical, in our case the “Domain…

facebook personal page

Should I use my personal Facebook account page for my business?

Is it okay to use my personal Facebook account page to promote my service? We get this question very frequently. And also what many marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs are sure to say “you should use the Business Page”. Personally, I think differently and on the contrary, I do not agree. Yes, you can use your Facebook profile page for business. Actually, using your personal Facebook page can be an…


WordPress: 5 Advantages Of This CMS

Photo by prathanchorruangsak On Envato Elements WordPress is a CMS that has been in the public’s preference for years. If we pay attention to the data that was published at the beginning of 2019, more than 617 million sites are made with WordPress: about 32% of all those that existed until that moment. Now you will know the 5 top advantages of WordPress, focused on the different needs of…