Is TikTok a Viable Platform for Business? Examining the Benefits, Drawbacks, and Key Considerations

Photo by alinabuphoto On Envato Elements Given TikTok’s widespread usage and rapid embrace by the general public, it’s no surprise that TikTok marketing has gained immense popularity among small businesses in recent times. To incorporate this channel into your marketing strategy, continue reading to understand the functionality of TikTok, its notable benefits and drawbacks for business, and three factors to evaluate in deciding if it aligns with your company…

Digital Era

The Importance Of Having A Website In The Digital Era

Photo by ijeab Photo On Envato Elements At some point in history, roughly between the late 90s and early 2000s, having a business website was considered a trend. At that time, Internet coverage in the country and the world was less extensive than today, so only a few had access to this service. Therefore, having a website then was not as essential or useful as it is today. Today,…

Impactful Statistics

2024’s Impactful Statistics and Facts on Digital Marketing

Foto Por leungchopan On Envato Elements The statistics and trends for digital marketing in 2024 present a comprehensive overview of the constantly changing landscape of digital marketing. Important areas of focus revolve around optimizing for mobile devices, the crucial role of producing high-quality content, the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI), and the growing influence of social media platforms on consumer behavior and marketing strategies. Statistics for SEO Projected SEO…

Selling Online

5 Must-Know Tips for Beginners Selling Online!

Photo by Freedomtumz On Envato Elements Have you come across a potential product range that seems like a “big idea,” but lacks any sales or data to support it? Give these straightforward yet powerful techniques a try to test your product(s) and determine if it can generate sales. This will prevent you from investing in excessive stock, renting warehouse space, creating e-commerce websites, and spending a significant amount on…


Marketing through attracting customers

Photo by YuriArcursPeopleimages On Envato Elements The concept of inbound marketing involves drawing potential customers towards a business through various strategies, rather than actively reaching out to them. The concept of inbound marketing aims to attract visitors and potential customers, rather than aggressively promoting a brand, product, or service in the hopes of generating leads or acquiring customers. In the realm of digital marketing, the strategy involves utilizing a…