digital monopoly

The Danger of Monopoly in the Digital World

Photo By @kiwitanya on Twenty20 On July 29, 2020, four of the largest technology companies in the world, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, were summoned by an antitrust hearing in the United States Congress, something that had never been done and that takes place given the power that, due to their characteristics, these companies have accumulated. This fact is very important since antitrust laws are difficult to apply to…


How To Create a Viral Infographic

Photo Credit: On Pixabay. CC0 License In technical terms, Illustrator is vector based (lines), while Photoshop is raster based (pixels). Creating an infographic is primarily lines and text, which is much faster in Illustrator. Adding Graphics One of the things that makes infographics really fun to read is the graphics. Use things like pie charts, photos of what you’re talking about and even hand illustrations if you have the artistic…