What about organic ads on Facebook that don’t have as much reach anymore?

Photo by @Fancycrave  on Twenty20 If you are a specialist in Digital Marketing you will have noticed that your organic posts on Facebook have lowered their reach and perhaps you have been a little frustrated with these results since years ago they worked very well for you. Facebook has limited the organic reach due to the fact that the advertising content has increased notably since 2014 overcrowding the network.…


The customer´s point of view

Photo by @dashapats on Twenty20.com People dedicated to the world of technology are, many times, not very aware that what we do is not for ourselves. This not only happens with web developers, for example, but also with professionals dedicated to the use of technology for different purposes by people or organizations, such as designers, communicators and advertisers who work in online advertising, social networks and, ultimately, for the recipients…