YouTube Ads

Photo by stockasso on Envato YouTube has several types of ads, which can be used according to the budget and the advertising objectives. Although platform users can pay for not seeing them, the vast majority of people resignedly watch, at least for the stipulated time, these ads, which, anyway, are useful in terms of brand promotion. Those types of ads are: Graphics: They appear at the top, to the…


Five Tips on Social Networks

Today social media marketing is a big part of online success. Things are always changing and there are tons you can learn, so this week we have chosen 5 things about social media marketing that you should know. #1 Daily Buffer: You may not have heard of ‘Daily Buffer’ before, but now is a great time to learn how this tool can help you. This mobile app will present…


Managing Your Personal Finances Could Help You Live Better

Photo by @mikeygl on Twenty20 Take control of your finances. It is essential for its future, that is clear. However, how is that control achieved? Many people have more questions about managing their money – you might even be one of them. That is why we invite you to read and take into account the following tips, to achieve financial independence: Generally, it begins by cutting unnecessary expenses, and using…


Pros and cons of Flash-based sites

Photo by @lukasnorth on Twenty20 Flash-based sites have been insane for the past few years, and as Macromedia compiles more and more great features into Flash, we can only predict that there will be more and more flash sites on the Internet. However, Flash-based sites have been criticized for being bloated and unnecessary. Where exactly do we draw the line? Here is a simple breakdown. The good: Interactivity Flash ActionScript opens…


What about organic ads on Facebook that don’t have as much reach anymore?

Photo by @Fancycrave  on Twenty20 If you are a specialist in Digital Marketing you will have noticed that your organic posts on Facebook have lowered their reach and perhaps you have been a little frustrated with these results since years ago they worked very well for you. Facebook has limited the organic reach due to the fact that the advertising content has increased notably since 2014 overcrowding the network.…