Today social media marketing is a big part of online success. Things are always changing and there are tons you can learn, so this week we have chosen 5 things about social media marketing that you should know.

#1 Daily Buffer: You may not have heard of ‘Daily Buffer’ before, but now is a great time to learn how this tool can help you. This mobile app will present you with content that you can read and share. Every day fresh content is generated and delivered to you. Linked headlines will arrive daily on your device and you can quickly swipe through if the content doesn’t interest you.

#2 Take advantage of fan value voting: There are several ways you can use social media to learn about your audience and one of them is to use surveys. With a poll you can ask your fans a question and then get their answer. By doing so, you can better target your market and tap into what they’re looking for.

#3 Create your own wishlist: You can offer them a chance to win a giveaway just for uploading their wishlist and then using the hashtag #wishlist. When you offer incentives for participation, you can learn a lot about your audience.

#4 Look for ways to enjoy a high ROI: You want your ROI to be worth the task at hand. You want to create a strong identity. Don’t waste your time and money on marketing ventures that offer minimal return on your investment.

#5 Invest in Vine Videos: Here’s another area of ​​social media you may not know about. Vine video works hard to keep its followers excited and you can share it. In less than 10 seconds, you can tweet your favorite Vine video and engage with material relevant to your audience. When it comes to social media you need to remember that this can be a powerful marketing tool. Yes, you can make posts that aren’t really relevant to anything other than keeping your social media channels active. However, a much better approach is to recognize that your time is money and you’re in business to earn it, so make sure what you’re doing with social media is effective.

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