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YouTube has several types of ads, which can be used according to the budget and the advertising objectives. Although platform users can pay for not seeing them, the vast majority of people resignedly watch, at least for the stipulated time, these ads, which, anyway, are useful in terms of brand promotion. Those types of ads are:

Graphics: They appear at the top, to the right of the featured video, and above the list of suggested videos. They can also, on large screens, appear at the bottom.

Translucent overlays: These are seen at the bottom of the video, where, for example, subtitles are normally seen.

Notices with a minimum of five seconds: They appear before the video that the user wants to see is activated, and they appear for at least five seconds. After that time, you can click on “skip ad” and then the one the user was looking for opens.

Videos without the option to skip: They tend to appear in the middle of long videos, interrupting them. They frequently cause discomfort to the user and even a feeling of disgust towards the advertised brands.

“Bumpers”: They usually appear at the beginning of the video requested by the user, last a maximum of six seconds, and cannot be omitted.

Sponsorship cards: These are advertisements related to the video requested by the user, and they appear in the upper right part of the screen.

To advertise on YouTube, you can link an AdWords account, from Google, with the YouTube channel, and manage audiences and broadcast conditions. It is relatively simple and inexpensive.

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