How Digital Marketing Works

Online marketing campaigns can be classified into two segments; organic campaigns and PPCs or pay per click.
Let’s see what are the differences, the pros, and cons of each. The big difference between both methods is the fact that you will get immediate results with PPC since your ad will appear on the top of Google first page gaining great visibility. Contrarily, with organic campaigns, the ranking in Google takes time and requires a sum of effort and resources to achieve results.

The great disadvantage of PPC campaigns is that your ads will appear more often when you pay higher and you do not build an online presence because your ads disappear once you stop paying. This is much different when you do organic campaigns since all the digital material produced is accumulated and serves to create a digital platform that will always be present for future use, we mean all the ads, graphics, videos, and any content are available on the social media channels, on the website and other digital services.

We can say that while the PPC generates immediate results, the organic campaign allows us to create a digital platform that will serve as an element of support to promote, educate, and ultimately to boost sales. PPC campaigns are normally paid for a sum of clicks received on the ads (Google Ads) and organic campaigns are a monthly recurring payment for a series of services determined in a marketing plan.

Organic Campaigns
Graphicsxpress specializes in organic campaigns where the main objective is to rank a web page in Google’s first page. Being on the first page is nowadays the most effective method of getting leads. In other words, our efforts are directed towards that objective.

What we use social media for
With Social media, we can find your target audience by attracting followers who like your brand and find interesting your posts and comments. Your audience is a great channel to spread your message and ultimately generate traffic to your site, thus having a better chance of being indexed by Google. This is one of the reasons we strive to gain followers every time to captivate potential customers for your business. For SEO purposes, the number of external and internal links (outbound and inbound links) is very decisive, and social media is an excellent means to create them. The more social media you interact with, the higher your score will be to promote your site on Google.

Google products
With several of the products that Google offers for free, we can give a boost to our organic digital campaign. For example, the proper handling of a Google business account allows us to be located on Google maps and also to get reviews from your phone or desktop. 

How we use YouTube
Making promotional videos is a very effective strategy and all business owners should do it. Actually, our interest is not exactly making videos for YouTube, what interests us is that those videos on Youtube may appear on the Google search engine. Appropriately optimized YouTube videos may eventually appear within Google results and that’s where your online presence can grow exponentially as your future customers will be able to meet you in advance. A customer can get a positive, friendly, and professional expectation of ​​you, and can even create a very favorable empathy before meeting you in person.

For blogs
We use blogs to achieve three basic goals:
1-To show Google that the site is constantly being updated and growing in volume. Google takes this aspect into consideration promoting a website
2-Blogs with proper optimization could become landing pages with ranking in Google
3-To drive traffic to the website through the blogs published on social networks.