Basic digital marketing for small businesses in Houston, Texas

Make your debut in digital marketing and show the world what your services and products are!

What type of business is good for
The Professional plan is suitable for small businesses that have not yet created their digital platform to promote their business. The digital platform is the set of resources that will be used to optimize your online presence for future digital campaigns

What can I expect with the Professional plan
-Have a consistent presence on social media
-Get new Likes and Followers
-5 Publications per week
-Ads specially designed for your business
-Increase traffic to your website 
-Posting on Facebook groups
-1 blog per month 
-Periodic website optimization
-Website maintenance including the creation of pages and improvements
-Google Analytics monitoring

* You will have more exposure through daily publications and also with proper maintenance and website optimization, you will have more chances to be indexed by Google search engine. 

Strengthen your relationship with your followers and potential clients through Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter.

$250 a Month

This plan is recommended for your business if:
if you don’t have time or the right person to manage your social media
If you want to start building your online presence or at least you want to improve what you already have
If your website is new or has been online for less than 6 months

The professional plan ensures a very well built digital platform made up of social networks, your website, and your Google My Business page.

This plan aims to strengthen your online presence by giving it a more professional look. This plan is designed to achieve conversions and expand the image of your company by attracting potential customers.




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