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Hashtags? If you are looking for a new way to increase your Facebook followers or you want to see how your competition is engaging the same audience, you will want to take advantage of Facebook Graph Search. It’s an excellent tool to help you get more out of your Facebook Marketing.

Facebook has recently made numerous changes to its graph search. Facebook now indexes the search results themselves without using Bing and it includes posts, people, locations and hashtags. This is a semantic search engine, so it attempts to provide you with results related to your search term context. Facebook Graph Search offers a whole new way to target your users and you get to enjoy a far more intuitive application that makes it so much easier to get the information you want.

#1 Check Out What the Competition is Doing

Search your competition and with Graph Search, you’ll be able to see all the talk and activity throughout their network. Of course, you can also have a look at what your business is doing. There is tons of information here. You can see how your competition is interacting with their customers and what’s working or not working. This can save you valuable time.

#2 Seek Interests That Overlap

Important to your content marketing is determining what it is your audience likes/wants in addition to your brand. When you have this information it provides you with new paths to engage your followers that will really interest them. With Facebook Graph Search, you can easily find those interests. When you are armed with the right kind of knowledge you can make sound decisions that will be successful for your business.

#3 Research the Hashtags

It’s a common mistake to think that you only need to use hashtags on Instagram or Twitter. Facebook is also a great place to use hashtags to bring people together around your brand and to interest those who are not yet followers or part of your community. You can find hashtags that are trending on Twitter and plug them into Facebook’s Graph Search. When you analyze your followers/audiences what’s most important is to establish trends.

If something’s not working for your competition, why waste your time doing the same thing and making the same mistakes. Facebook Graph Search can provide you with powerful information to help you stay on target and maximize the success of your Facebook marketing campaign.

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