How to Build Your Email List Using Contests on Facebook

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 258 total views,  1 views today Photo by Rawpixel Do you want to increase your email subscribers? Do you currently run Facebook contests? If you answered yes – good for you because contests are a great way to capture email leads. #1: Find Your Niche and Feed It If you have a niche business, hold on to it. Take the time to come up with a contest your fans will like.…


How Teenagers View Social Media

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 227 total views Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash. License Teenagers don’t see social media through the same looking glass as adults do and yet they make up a huge part of the users. If your product or service targets teenagers you might want to know how they view social media so you can make the right social media marketing choices. Facebook If you thought teenagers loved Facebook, you’d be wrong. Most…