How You Can Have an Awesome Marketing Campaign

Photo by @criene via Twenty20

Everyone is busily putting together their marketing campaign, but many without even a little understanding of what they need to be accomplished. So let’s look at how you can have an awesome campaign and really enjoy the benefits.

#1 Be Genuine
Did you know that you can turn your landing page for your campaign into a social hub? If you want to see an excellent example of this have a look at what Travelocity did with their Gnome marketing campaign. They were ‘real’ and ‘genuine’ with their followers. Their goal was to create a space where consumers were inspired to participate and that’s just what they created. Their landing page has over 32 million impressions and more than 95 percent of their visitors scrolled down to the comment section. This is how you need to be thinking.

#2 Traditional Media Partnerships
If you really want to get the most out of your marketing campaign and your hashtags, partner with traditional media like television to create a strong awareness and brand recognition. Another successful example for Travelocity is their partnership with the “Amazing Race” that turned their name into a household word. It makes for an excellent jump-off point.

#3 Be Strategic When You Pay for Promotion
Not all promotions are going to come to you free. Some of your marketing campaign (s) are going to involve you paying for them. How much will usually depend on how many people it’s going to reach. For example, a marketing campaign that reaches 50 million people is going to cost a lot more than a campaign that reaches 5000 people. Don’t just spend your money. Make sure that you are being strategic when you pay for promotions.

#4 Seek Out a Creative Real-Time Marketing Opportunity
You need to keep your marketing campaign fresh and interesting. The best way to do this is to be creative and find a real-time marketing opportunity that connects with current trends and interests.

The success of any marketing campaign is measured by the results you achieve. You need to measure your metrics, including your social metrics and brand metrics to tell how effective your marketing campaign is. Then tweak or change accordingly.