The customer´s point of view

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People dedicated to the world of technology are, many times, not very aware that what we do is not for ourselves. This not only happens with web developers, for example, but also with professionals dedicated to the use of technology for different purposes by people or organizations, such as designers, communicators and advertisers who work in online advertising, social networks and, ultimately, for the recipients of the messages.

It is a common mistake to assume that the other “has to understand me”, because we speak the same language. But the truth is that in every act of communication between a sender and a receiver, there is a channel and a multiplicity of factors that can mediate the message, distorting its original intention and meaning (by the way, the sender, receiver and channel, when talking about communication, is a conceptual loan made from electronic engineering, to explain how the exchange and flow of information between people is). One of these mediations occurs when, for example, a web page developer does not think about the maximum “friendliness” of the page with the user when writing their codes, or when a designer does not distribute the elements of the page well, makes sure that the texts are complete and that there are no spelling and writing mistakes, something that communicators and publicists, in any case, must guarantee from the beginning of the whole process.

So, at the end of the day, the matter is simple: the first step for what we do to be successful is to put ourselves in the place of our user. It is common, due to anxiety, pressure and even pride or ease, to forget it. At Graphicsxpress, of course, we always keep this in mind.

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