Design Tips for Content Websites

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 220 total views,  1 views today Crédito Foto: Por Viktor Hanacek en PicJumbo. Licencia Having great design on a content website will play an important part in your user’s overall experience. Good design can increase trust, while poor design can decrease trust. Better designed websites will get more opt-ins, more sales and more referrals. In general, design plays a pretty big part in the overall web marketing picture. Here are a few design tips for content…


Web Design Tips For The Experienced Programmer

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 264 total views,  1 views today Have you always wanted to design a website but never knew where to start? Do you want to get your business online, but can’t afford to hire someone to help? This article will be a great start for you, as it contains many great ideas to aid you in creating the website of your dreams! Check these web design tips: 1.   Use ALT tags whenever…


How To Become Your Own Web Hosting

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 265 total views,  1 views today Photo Credit: On Pexels. CC0 License Congratulations on your decision to create a website! You’ve probably got many different ideas in your head as to how your website will look like and how it will function. While these are all good things to think about, there is something else that should be on your mind, a web host. The following article will tell more about…


4 Steps to Lower Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

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 622 total views,  2 views today Photo Credit: By mohamed_hassan on Pixabay. CC0 license. The shoppers are on your site, they are interested in the product, but the design of your shopping cart is causing you to lose many if not most of your customers. Sound familiar? It should. The shoppers are on your site, they are interested in the product, but the design of your shopping cart is causing you to lose many…


Learn Web Design Quickly and Easily

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 225 total views,  1 views today Photo Credit: By rawpixel on Pexels. CC0 License. Creating an effective website can seem like a huge job. It does not matter what your level of experience is, whether beginner to expert, it is still going to be overwhelming. There is so much to take into consideration such as the color scheme, and layout. Information regarding web design is forever changing. The selection of tips…


Websites for Small Businesses

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 507 total views,  2 views today In first World countries the Internet is now a huge part of our everyday life. We use it at work and we use it at home. It is all around us. A person from a First World country would be in a minority if they said they had not paid for anything across the Internet or bought a product or service online through an eCommerce…