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Instagram and Visual Audiences

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As we know, audiences react differently to communication if they are visual, auditive, or tactile people. And of course, we have to cover them all with our advertising campaigns. Social networks don´t, of course, go directly to tactile people, but the visual and auditive sensibilities are crucial in the way we advertise on those networks. Even though social networks were not necessarily intended for advertising at their beginnings, their usefulness for such a purpose is a great business today. Our business.

In order to impact and create a sense of fidelity among our audiences, eye-catching campaigns are a must. The core of this is clearly expressing the emotions we are appealing to (remember: we don´t really sell products or services, but the emotions related to them and the solution of both the emotional and practical problems those products and services help to solve, directly and indirectly).

If the service we are advertising is, for example, one related to home improvement, we can appeal to the interior child of the client and use images close to that of Bob the Builder, using colors like yellow, red, and gray, and curvy shapes. But if the service is financial, we must show a serious and solid image, with straight lines, classic font styles, and colors like gold, silver, black, white, and yellow.

When it comes to videos, the sound complements them, thus giving us a way to work with auditive people. For example, reggaeton music is very basic, infantile, and it goes straight to basic instincts like sensuality, hunger, and a party-like mood, so it works for advertising snickers, fast food, beer, sunglasses, and other things that can appeal to the need for fun, while a classical melody is the right one to announce a big business opportunity in an offices building.

Instagram is the main image and video, but the comments of the audiences are priceless feedback, so community management is absolutely necessary, but the very first thing to keep in mind is positively impacting the visual character of the audiences, and wake up and continuously maintain their curiosity and fascination active.

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